Individual Reseller

Individuals earn 1% when people use a webcard you sold them.

You make money two ways: by selling the webcard and earning 1% commission of all purchases made on the webcard.

  • Step 1: Create a MallforAfrica User account if you haven't done so yet. It's free and only takes 1 minute - Click Here
  • Step 2: You need to select a package. We have 5 Packages (Green, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Platinum). Based on the package you choose, you get more webcards and more benefits. The more webcards you buy the greater the amount you can make. The reason why is the more people who shop, the more you make. With each package you get a certain number of MallforAfrica webcards at a discounted rate. You then sell the cards at a cost of N2,500 instantly making a profit on the webcards.
  • Step 3: Contact us at 08123262032 to get your package or email -
  • Step 4: You are done. Whenever anyone uses the webcard you sold them to make a valid purchase, you get paid 1% of the transaction cost.

Benefits of Becoming An Individual Reseller

There are many benefits of becoming a reseller. Here are just a few

  • A recurring income source for you
  • We pay commissions in Naira
  • Sell MallforAfrica Webcards and make and instant profit (as a reseller, you buy webcards at a discount)
  • If you are a business you can benefit from our marketing and sales.


Individual Reseller Packages

To become a business reseller you must purchase one of the following packages.

You make money 2 ways. By selling the webcard and making 1% comission of all purchases made on the webcard.

MallforAfrica Plus

Earn 1% Per Transaction

5 Webcards
Your Sales Price = N12,500
Your Price = N9,000
Instant Profit = N3,500

Additional Cards = N1,220

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Custom Orders

Earn 1% Per Transaction

25 Webcards
Your Sales Price = N62,500
Your Price = N30,500
Instant Profit = N32,000

Additional Cards = N1,200

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Individual Reseller Requirements

  • Must have a valid ID
  • A valid home address
  • A valid mobile number
  • An email address


Monitoring your commission in real-time

We provide all resellers with the ability to track and monitor all transactions made on webcards linked to your reseller account.

  • Keep track of all your webcard purchases online
  • Keep track of commissions
  • Track your payments from MallforAfrica to you
  • Keep track of all your customers' usage and much more. All online 24/7.


Get Started Today - Call 08123262032 to join or email