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Accolades for Nigeria’s Top Shopping App: MallforAfrica

MallforAfrica is a unique desktop and mobile app designed for users in Nigeria. With the MallforAfrica app, shoppers in Africa can gain access to over 200+ premium US and UK websites, with 8.5 billion items to choose from that can be shipped straight to their door. Nigerians rave about our outstanding customer service, and the press commends us for being a top emerging tech company with an innovative app. See what others have to say about us in the news below!

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 Thank You for the Kind Words!

We appreciate the unbelievable press we have received and raving reviews on the web about MallforAfrica. To learn more about how we got started, click here. Or if you are interested in downloading our app, feel free to do so for your smartphone or desktop and start shopping today!
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