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How To Load Your Webcard
Load Up. Time to Shop.

Loading your webcard is very simple. Please select the option of your choice.

  1. Load Your Webcard Online
  2. Load Your Webcard at a bank or via inter-bank transfers (wires) - Only Available in Nigeria at this time.

What is a MallforAfrica Webcard?

The MallforAfrica Webcard is a reloadable debit card which can be used to shop on over 180+ US & UK sites using the MallforAfrica app. It is a convenient and secure way to pay for your online transactions. Simply load your webcard with funds via an online transfer, wire, or online with your locally issued credit card, and spend up to the amount loaded on the webcard. It's easy to use, secure and keeps your regular business and personal account separate. Join hundreds of thousands and use the MallforAfrica webcard today.

With the MallforAfrica webcard there are
> No transactional Fee when you use your webcard
> No Minimum Balances
> No Monthly fee
> No limits to how much you can spend

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