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Add/Load Funds (Nigeria Only)

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This option is only available in Nigeria at this time. 

How to load your MallforAfrica Webcard with USD, GBP, or Naira

Step 1.

Amount load on your account

Go to any GTB Bank, or Zenith Bank branch or your banks website with the amount (USD, GBP, or Naira) you want to load on your account. Whatever you deposit will be loaded on your card there is a 2% additional fees on transaction charges.

Load Webcard online instantly


Step 2.

In branch or Online Money Transfer Deposit

If doing an online money transfer, please use the information as provided below.

Company Name :
MallforAfrica Limited
GT Bank Naira:
GT Bank US Dollars :
GT Bank GB Pounds:





Provide your Name as the Depositor Provide your Account Number (MallForAfrica WebCard Number) then your name in the "Name of Depositor" space. See image below for an example.


Provide your MallForAfrica WebCard right before your name on the depositor slip. For Example fill out the Name of the Depositor section as follows ( SEE BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE) Name of Depositor: ( your MallForAfrica WebCard Number) FirstName Surname **** To prevent delays in your deposit demand for your teller to enter in your webcard number as shown below. This allows our system to capture your deposit faster. ***


Step 3.

In branch Deposit Slip Samples

Your Account will reflect the deposit within 2-4 business hours.

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