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Install: Drag this link MFA Checkout to your browser's bookmark bar. Notice a new bookmark called MFA Checkout? If yes, you are done installing.
Select a site to shop on: Click on the MFA Checkout bookmark that now appears in your bookmark tab and select the site you want to shop on.
Add items to the cart/basket: Add the items you want to purchase into the sites shopping bag. Just like you would if you were shopping directly on the site.
Purchase & Payment: Click on the same MFA Checkout bookmark when you are ready to pay. You will then be promoted to login, verify shipping address and make final payment. to .
Why MFA ? Compare with Other Nigerian Sites
There are many benefits to choosing MallforAfrica as your online shopping app in Nigeria.
Aside from safe, convenient shopping, here are a few reasons why Africans choose MallforAfrica as their primary shopping app: